Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Late Large Forms

...is the subtitle of this small exhibition of Henry Moore large scale sculptures at the (Britannia Street) Gagosian Gallery. All of the works on display were intended to be installed outside, so the Gagosian's refreshingly different approach is to simply show them in white-walled gallery spaces for the first time.

These are my highlights of this very good, but small exhibition...

Seated Woman: Thin Neck (1961), Henry Moore

Two Large Forms (1966) (below) has beautifully weathered surface colours, which along with its huge scale are good reasons why the sculptures in this exhibition should only temporarily be displayed inside. As can be seen via the link (at the bottom of the page) to the show's webpage, this monumental artwork looks so much more at home in a natural landscape.

Large Two Forms (1966), Henry Moore

I saw Reclining Connected Forms (1969) (below) at the Kew Gardens exhibition of Moore's work in 2007, although this is a piece that I feel works almost as well in a gallery space.

Reclining Connected Forms (1969), Henry Moore

Finishing the exhibition are some maquettes for the sculptures in the show, some of which are artworks in their own right, such as the beautiful Maquette for Reclining Connected Forms (1969) (below).

Maquette for Reclining Connected Forms (1969), Henry Moore


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