Monday, 9 January 2012

This Is Design one of the current exhibitions at the Design Museum.

These are my highlights...

A re-issue by Knoll International of Marcel Breuer's classic B3 (Wassily) Chair (1925):

Ceiling Light (2006) by Luc Merx:

Chandelier Spectacle (2006) by Stuart Haygarth:

This is made of many different NHS glasses and frames that Haygarth had collected.

In the photo below (from left to right): the iconic K6 Telephone Kiosk by Giles Gilbert Scott, a 1960's Savile Row suit by (the wonderfully named) Tommy Nutter,  a 1960's Mary Quant mini-dress and a scale model of the HSBC HQ (in Hong Kong) designed by Norman Foster and Partners (1979-86)

The aptly named Looksoflat prototype lamp (2010) by Stefan Geisbauer (that uses a thin LED light):

There is also a Terence Conran exhibition on the floor below that is worth visiting.