Monday, 16 May 2011

Welcome to 'Filthy Gorgeous London'!

My Filthy Gorgeous London projects began just before the start of the final year of my degree. Inspired initially by lyrics from the Scissor Sisters’ Filthy Gorgeous song I then travelled through the dirty side of this gorgeous city of ours for inspiration. This is a journey that has included medieval filth, Charles Dickens’ Victorian London and present day environmental issues. Bringing together garment construction with dyed, screen-printed, collaged layers of fabrics & papers to create detailed designs that play with the contours of the body. My approach to ‘the body as a surface’ can be described as ‘scientific grunge.’

'5 Senses Ciggy Paper' skirt


This is a prototype skirt consisting almost entirely of manipulated cigarette rolling papers and other smoking paraphernalia that are recycled to evoke the 5 senses. It consists of panels that can be interchanged on the body with safety pins to form alternative garments. The core lines and textures of these and co-ordinating sample panels inspired the print designs used on my following garments, such as the screen-printed kimono straitjacket in my next post...

Copyright 2010 James Hollerbach

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